Review: Bitwig Studio Digital Audio Workstation software

After much anticipation, Bitwig Studio, the DAW software that takes Ableton Live’s ball and runs with it, has arrived to reinvigorate your music-making life. This comprehensive music production and performance platform goes heavy on user-friendly workf…

Forget The Laptop: Numark/Akai Tease Software-Embedded DJ Controllers

What if you didn’t have to bring your laptop to the gig, just your controller? Sure, we’ve had a few real and concept offerings over the last few years, including Stanton’s SCS.4DJ (released but never quite got the user interface/software dialed), my o…

The Midi Fighter Twister Officially Lifts Off

We are proud and happy to announce that our first community-sourced project and DJ TechTools’ newest product, The Midi Fighter Twister, is now available for preorder. The first run of Twisters are sailing towards San Francisco right now and will be shi…

What DJs Can Learn From Frankie Knuckles’ Legacy?

If you’re even a passing fan of electronic music, it’s likely that you know that one of its icons, DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles, died earlier this week at the age of 59 from complications related to type 2 diabetes. The “godfather of house music” w…

Routine: DJ Seap Live Drumming + Ableton Push + Midi Fighter 3D

One of the most obvious places for controllerists to appear is behind a drum kit. Drummers have been working MIDI controllers into their rigs for over 20 years. Today we’re sharing a performance by a drummer, DJ Seap, who’s integrated a full Ableton ri…

How To Play Long (5+ Hours) DJ Sets

Most DJs who play a lot of gigs will at some point get the opportunity to take on a marathon gig, spinning tracks for upwards of 5 hours. As the length of a set increases, the more it differs from a “normal” set. How can you prepare for sets that last …

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