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They ain’t nuttin like a Brooklyn girl

I DJ’d at the Robusto Room last night and homie, Jay, reminded me of a request from last week for Brooklyn Girls. I spaced checking it out, so I gave myself a note to do so today. Man, I have been missing out. Charles Hamilton’s voice creates a unique sound as it flows nice over the D minor beat. From the looks of 700K+ plays on YouTube, it shows Hamilton is on his way to big places. Look forward to hearing more from him. Good looking out Jay.

Show Stopper

Here is the effect DJ Mada and boyhollow have on a Denver nightclub dance floor before Sam, an employee of 3o3 Boards, gets belligerent and grabs both records completely stopping the music because he does not like anything with an electro or indie vibe.  LOL. He wins the Show Stopper award.

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