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Beetlejuice Meets Dubstep? Oh yeah…

Brookes Brothers along with Ed Rush & Optical brought hours of ear-thumping, foot-stomping bass in the face at Beta Nightclub this past Friday for an awesome night of dance music to kick off the Halloween weekend. True to form, the club was decked out with eccentric, Beetlejuice-esque décor throughout, and bass heads were rocking some pretty sweet costumes as they jammed to drum and bass and dubstep tracks.

It seemed as if the tracks just got harder and heavier throughout the night, because I’m sure there was a point at which I felt the bass coming out of their gargantuan sound system so loud that it actually started to push me forward! Towards the end of Ed Rush & Optical’s set they had an MC spitting rhymes over the tracks, which was definitely rad as hell. All in all it was a fun way to start off the weekend, albeit partially deafening, and the menacing tracks pumping through the speakers were a befitting way to kick off the Halloween festivities ahead.

I found a pretty sicky track from Brookes Brothers on Soundcloud you can listen to here , and here’s an evil sounding little number by Ed Rush & Optical as well.

Next up…Kevin Larson’s Haunted Hotel and Skrillex…






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