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Featured User Mapping: Kontrol X1 Preparation

Mappings are one of the greatest things about the community that surrounds DJ TechTools, so we’ve decided to start featuring one of our favorite user-created mappings on a regular basis. This month’s is a mapping by a moderator who really does a… Read more

Legal Advice for DJs: Negotiating a DJ Contract

Negotiating a DJ performance contract can be a tricky thing, but doing it right is an essential step in turning your hobby into a career. Today, we discuss considerations for DJs that sign performance agreements, and provide some tips for minimizing… Read more

Introducing the Midi Fighter 3D

Today we’re very proud to usher in the newest DJTT creation: The Midi Fighter 3D controller.  Equipped with 16 RGB arcade buttons and full three dimensional tracking of the controller’s movement in space, this latest addition to the Midi Fighter… Read more

Serato Projection Mapping on Turntables and Mixer

We’ve seen the guys behind this project show off their Serato projection mapping before, but since their last update, they’ve really stepped it up about twenty notches. VU meters on the mixers, waveforms on top of the vinyl and next to the mixer -… Read more

DJ Toolbox: Finding New Music Online, 2012 Edition!

You’ve got all the gear you need to tear up the club, and you’ve mastered every transition tutorial you’ve found online- but here’s a dirty little secret: No matter how fresh your gear is, it’s useless if you don’t have great music to play. In… Read more

Excision Bass Exorcism

Last Thursday evening Denver experienced bass like it has never experienced it before when acclaimed dub step DJ, Excision, took the stage at the Ogden Theater to perform a bass exorcism of epic proportions.

The bass was literally so heavy and so loud that the entire theater was shaking from the floor boards to the balcony…if your phone were to go off on vibrate, you definitely would NOT have noticed it ringing, that’s how heavy this ish was.

Liquid Stranger got things warmed up on the decks on what seemed to be an infantile table set up compared to Excision’s soon-to-be-revealed massive computer graphics wall which looked like 40 foot flames engulfing the stage (with cool graphics floating across them at all times of course).

Most notable for me were his remixes of the Star Wars “Imperial March” – aka Darth Vader’s theme song – and Prodigy’s “Voodoo People.” Looking at Darth Vader’s mask on the gargantuan CG screens turn into skulls with machine guns shooting fire was extremely entertaining to say the least, and I’m pretty sure the bass was so insanely loud that you couldn’t have stopped moving even if you tried.

There was also a track which I’m going to call “Head Banger” which was gangster with a capital “G.” I tried finding a decent version on youtube, but alas, my efforts were futile. You can find some festival-type/live versions if you want to check it out for yourself…dope ass track fo sho!

Did I mention the bass was loud??! Hahaha. Long story short the show was sick, and Excision brought the ominous bass-laden pain nonstop. I’ll leave you with a couple of tracks (one from Liquid Stranger and one from the Ex-man himself just to keep things interesting).

Click HERE for Liquid Stranger, and HERE for some Excision action.

New DJ Gear: Pioneer DJM-850 and Denon SC3900

This week both Denon and Pioneer’s DJ divisions announced updates to their DJ product lines. Earlier in the week, Denon dropped the latest version of their CDJ, the SC3900, along with Engine, a setup software designed to match Pioneer’s Rekordbox…. Read more

Dirtybird: What’s In Your DJ Bags?

A few weeks ago we got a chance to shoot an awesome What’s In Your Bag segment with Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J. Phlip, and Worthy at their show in at Mezzanine in San Francisco – some of the key cast members in the… Read more

VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition: Now Available

It’s here! Ean’s remastering of Vestax’s flagship DJ controller is available today for preorders, and we’re very excited about this one. The Ean Golden Edition of the VCI-400 features a complete redesign, our Chroma Caps, the craziest DJTT mapping… Read more

Creating Ableton Effect Chains and Randomization Controls

In the light of Bento San’s excellent Mapulator patch for Max for Live, many of you will be looking just that little bit harder at Ableton Live and what it can do for you. If your interest was piqued but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge… Read more






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