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Free Ableton Live Template with 3D Sound Packs

When designing the Midi Fighter 3D, we discovered the advanced multi dimensional control really shines in a diverse performance environment like Ableton Live. One of our employees, Mad Zach, developed a unique template for Ableton and the 3D that… Read more

Midi Fighter 3D Released into the Wild

Today we’re proud to announce the long-awaited release of our tri-dimentional controller, the Midi Fighter 3D. The first run of the devices have shown up to DJTT headquarters, are on sale now. We couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out and… Read more

Perfecting Traktor Beatgrids: Ean’s Method

In today’s advanced Traktor Tips video, Ean shows off his favorite method of making sure that the beatgrids on his tracks are perfect, every single time. Learn how to use traditional DJ beatmatching techniques and a few select secrets that Traktor… Read more

Artist Spotlight: Paper Diamond

Last month, DJ TechTools had a chance at SXSW to shoot a quick interview with Paper Diamond, one of the rising producer stars on the Pretty Lights Music label. We caught him amidst all the Austin madness to ask him about how he plays live, what his… Read more

Introducing Maps: The Ultimate MIDI Mapping Site for Digital DJs

Today, we’re proud to announce a brand new section of the DJ TechTools website, Maps. After years of trying to keep  thousands of mappings organized on pages and forums, we decided to create a better way. That’s where Maps comes in – upload your… Read more

The Next Big Thing: Dance Music Genres On The Rise

Dance music is a mutant creature that is growing, changing, and adapting to an environment where beats are everywhere, including the Top 40. DJing has become a pop culture stock exchange where those involved are looking to pull a Martha Stewart… Read more

How To Start DJing In Ableton (Part 1)

The past several years have seen Ableton Live establish itself as a popular and powerful DJ tool, with many top DJs routinely using the software in clubs and stages around the world. While the switch to Live may be daunting for those accustomed to… Read more

The Art Of Prep – 5 Principles Every DJ Should know

Casual observers of the musical arts assume that most of the creative process happens on stage.  While it may be true that inspiration and improvisation create amazing results in the moment – great preparation tee’s those moments up in the first… Read more

5 Free Max for Live Objects For Ableton DJs

One of the things that really sets Ableton Live 8 in a league of its own is the ability to create your own effects, instruments, and MIDI functionality using the extremely versatile object based programming environment, MAX/MSP. Suffice to say it… Read more

Review: Reloop Terminal Mix 4

It’s been a long time coming, but Serato controllerists may finally have a suitable answer to NI’s Kontrol S4. The Reloop Terminal Mix 4 all-in-one 4-deck controller complements Serato digital DJs quite well, incorporating important turntablist… Read more






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