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Four Great Hack Projects Unlock Traktor’s Remix Decks

Just two weeks ago, we ran a story on the absence of MIDI controls for the Remix Decks in Traktor’s then-upcoming 2.5 release. We immediately noticed in the comments on that article a number of our community members were primed and ready to start… Read more

Highlights From The Ibiza International Music Summit

Designed and hosted by the infamous Pete Tong, it’s hard not to think of the IMS in Ibiza as a TED convention for dance music and DJs. The summit, which took place last week, is a yearly gathering of industry mavens with a central goal of advancing… Read more

Review: Native Instruments Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.5

Hey everybody, let’s get ready to blur the lines between DJing and live performance! Oh wait, you say Ableton Live users have been doing that for years? Fair enough. But no matter, because the Kontrol F1 and its accompanying update to Traktor Pro… Read more

Featured Video: Nick Ngo’s Midi Fighter 3D Routine

Nick from The Bangerz and The Jabbawockeez sent over this awesome video that he produced of his routine on the 3D – watch the full video inside. He’s also shared his full effects settings and Ableton rack exclusively with us, so you can get started… Read more

Create Rockstar Style Analog Distortion Feedback in Ableton

When sitting in front of a DAW with limitless software possibilities, it can be easy to forget that some of the coolest sounds and effects you can make can come from external effects processors. In today’s video, Mad Zach takes us through one of his… Read more

Future DJing Technology? Leap Motion Control

From the “this would be awesome to DJ with” department, we couldn’t help but feature this soon-to-launch technology that allows for three dimensional control over your computer using just your hands. It’s called the Leap – and it’s a iPod-size… Read more

Traktor Pro 2.5 Free Upgrade Available Now

Traktor 2.5′s release date has finally come, and the new version of Native Instruments’ digital DJ software is ready for downloading now. We’ve got our first impressions at some of the improvements and new features – as well as a few basic… Read more

Review: Livid OhmRGB Slim

In a move to open up the world of boutique controllers to the masses, Livid Instruments has recently unveiled its latest controller, the OhmRGB Slim. The Slim is essentially a more compact version of their flagship Ohm 64 RGB, repackaged into a… Read more

Tinnitus: A Real Problem For Every DJ

About five years ago, I hit an unexpected wall that no creative person should ever have to go through. Imagine this – you are at the top of your game and getting gigs with a rising reputation when a physical challenge threatens to derail and… Read more

How To Return To DJing After A Long Hiatus

There was a time when DJs performed using turntables, a two channel mixer, a pair of headphones and a box of records. DJs lived and died on two things; their ability to mix and their choice of records. Over the years many of our original players… Read more






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