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Excision Bass Exorcism

Last Thursday evening Denver experienced bass like it has never experienced it before when acclaimed dub step DJ, Excision, took the stage at the Ogden Theater to perform a bass exorcism of epic proportions.

The bass was literally so heavy and so loud that the entire theater was shaking from the floor boards to the balcony…if your phone were to go off on vibrate, you definitely would NOT have noticed it ringing, that’s how heavy this ish was.

Liquid Stranger got things warmed up on the decks on what seemed to be an infantile table set up compared to Excision’s soon-to-be-revealed massive computer graphics wall which looked like 40 foot flames engulfing the stage (with cool graphics floating across them at all times of course).

Most notable for me were his remixes of the Star Wars “Imperial March” – aka Darth Vader’s theme song – and Prodigy’s “Voodoo People.” Looking at Darth Vader’s mask on the gargantuan CG screens turn into skulls with machine guns shooting fire was extremely entertaining to say the least, and I’m pretty sure the bass was so insanely loud that you couldn’t have stopped moving even if you tried.

There was also a track which I’m going to call “Head Banger” which was gangster with a capital “G.” I tried finding a decent version on youtube, but alas, my efforts were futile. You can find some festival-type/live versions if you want to check it out for yourself…dope ass track fo sho!

Did I mention the bass was loud??! Hahaha. Long story short the show was sick, and Excision brought the ominous bass-laden pain nonstop. I’ll leave you with a couple of tracks (one from Liquid Stranger and one from the Ex-man himself just to keep things interesting).

Click HERE for Liquid Stranger, and HERE for some Excision action.

Anti-Grammy’s?…Hell yeah!

Music.ology, a sub-section within the famous arts/media/pop culture-focused blog, is hosting it’s 1st annual ANTI-GRAMMY awards. And they are looking for votes for this years best electronic music album.

Nominees include Bjork’s “Biophilia,” Cut Copy’s “Zonoscope,” Justice’s “Audio, Video, Disco,” M83′s “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” and Moby’s “Destroyed.” You can vote right on their site by going here.

And, as a happen stance find, Ology has a very comprehensive site called My.ology, which is a self-proclaimed hubspot where people can follow “what they love”. I’ll confess there are some pretty cool random finds on this passion-based blog, and I’d like to share one with you below.

The whole cupcake fad has kinda rubbed me the wrong way since it starting blowing up in 2011 (i.e. I don’t think it should be legal for someone to charge $4.50 for batter and icing), however, these little guys brought me back to my childhood and are pretty fucking cool!

Check’em out (p.s.if you click on the cupcakes it will take you to My.ology’s homepage, so you can explore for yourself):

Beat That Thang

In the never ending quest to bring you, my faithful followers, new and exciting content, I have searched high and low this evening for something that would wet your eager electronic-addict appetites. I give you a beat battle between Jeremy Ellis and AraabMuzik which I think will do just that:

Click Here

And the winner is??

Groundhog Day? No, deadmau5 Day.

While perusing the vast and all-knowing interweb today, I came across this article on USA Today’s site which tells an interesting tale about Las Vegas’s favorite new holiday,”deadmau5 Day!!” That’s right boys and girls! You know you’ve hit the big time when the mayor of Las Vegas declares January 2, 2012 YOUR day, so mark your calendars for January 2, 2013; it’ll give you plenty of time to prep that amazing mouse/mau5 getup you’ve been wanting to assemble all these years in order to show your unwavering faith in the mau5…right?

I don’t know whether to player hate or congratulate at this point. It just seems ridiculous that an internationally renowned DJ/producer would have a day dedicated to him, but then again, it IS Las Vegas. If you’re interested in knowing the whole story, go here:

Who wants to know more about deadmau5 Day…I do, I do!

And decide for yourself – is the mau5 infestation getting out of control, or is this guy really so good at what he does, that he gets his own fucking day on the calendar? I think I may take my set up, throw it on the front lawn and burn it.

A Xmas Cock-tale

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought it only appropriate to post a little something that would create some holiday cheer. Please enjoy this inebriated rendition of “Twas the Night Before Xmas,” featuring Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey, and Eva Mendes:


Ill Gates Has Left the Building…

And left a bunch of heads ringing after a sick set at Cervantes last night. I’ve gotta say that this guy is by far one of the coolest and most inspiring DJ’s out right now, bringing a unique, hard hitting flavor to everything he touches. He brought a super funky set to the table last night, with the obvious heavy baselines you’d expect from an Ill Gates mix.

What was really shocking was how humble he was, walking around the venue before his set talking to just about everyone. You just gotta love it when people who are masters of their craft don’t let their egos outgrow their talent and keep grounded in the whole purpose of why they produce great music to begin with – for heads like you and me.

Ill Gates is nothing short of gangster, and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to watch him blow people’s minds with his stupefying skills all over again.

You can check out some of his latest tracks here:


Jabba Whaaaaat??

Check out this awesome clip of the JabbaWockeez breaking it down with some of the sickest dance moves I’ve ever seen. Watch closely kiddies, cus this is about to blow your mind!

Show Me Your Urban Side

If you’ve ever wondered where you can go to get sick urban artwork finds, check out this street/graffiti art site,, for up-and-coming (as well as fully established) urban creative minds throughout the world. Since I reside in the Mile High City of Denver, I’ve gotta show some love by linking you to my hometown’s page, so you can see what kind of flavor we’re kicking out here.

But feel free to get lost in the site’s almost infinite sources of edgey artwork. They even have a “Hire an Artist” section…way to support the local starving artists out there. This find gets two very dope thumbs up.

Check it out HERE


Top 10 Dance Songs of All Time

Ok, ok, so some of these aren’t necessarily “electronic”, but hey, it’s still interesting to see how far dance music has come over the years, right?

Check the article out here that I came across on Rolling Stone:

Click here for article

Skrillex Tricks and Treats Denver

So how would one classify the Skrillex’s Spooky Tings tour, which took place on Monday night (a.k.a. Halloween) at the First Bank Center ? Well, let’s just say that it was nothing short of Denver’s dubstep event of the year, each performance and DJ outdoing the last, so we’ll be filing this event under the “awesome” category.  And I hate to break it to those of you who couldn’t make it, but you MISSED OUT BIGTIME.

Early acts like 12th Planet set the tone for the evening by priming the crowd with some hard hitting tracks, and Nero brought their performance to another level by incorporating a live vocalist for tracks like “Promises” and “Innocence”. Totally bad ass and unexpected.

Some people may disagree with this, but Skream and Benga put on a killer set with some old school and unconventional throw backs like Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up’ and Rage Against the Machine’s “Killin in the Name of.” They had some technical difficulties in the beginning which got things off to a slow start, but all in all an awesome set that brought me back to the early 90s roots of electronic music.

And last but not least…Skrillex. The almighty god of dubstep himself…a force to be reckoned with within the world of electro. The word “amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how awesome this performance was. The physical set on stage alone was just incredible, putting Deadmau5’s infamous cube to shame (see video for a glimpse of this monstrosity of colors and effects).

There were two 50 foot skeletons and pumpkin heads jamming out to the bass heavy music on either side of the stage at all times (super cool to say the least), and his set was just incredible, incorporating favorites like “Cinema,” newer remixes such as “Love in Motion,” and even throwing in some Halloween trickery of his own with non-electronic tracks from artists like Biggie Smalls. Oh what an incredible Halloween ride it was!

The pics and the video I got to take of the show are kind of subpar since I was afraid if I thrashed to hard I’d break my good camera, but they’ll at least give you a sense of what went down. And for your listening pleasure, I’ve included that remix “Love in Motion” I mentioned earlier because it was one of my favorite tracks of this Hallow’s Eve spectacular – consider it my “treat” to you:







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